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Expert Air Conditioning Installation

The professionals at A-Best Air & Heat, Inc provide quality air conditioning installation assistance. Furthermore, we also have one of the largest inventories of heating and air conditioning parts available anywhere.  This allows us to repair your home ac unit in record time. We pride ourselves on quick service for the people living in Brevard County Florida and work to meet their need of quick ac unit installation.


State Certified Contractor: License# CAC1818814

Monday through Friday (8am – 8pm) we offer a Service Call for $59.95. But if you need to schedule a service call, we are always available and service calls are available seven days a week (8am – 8pm) with special rates after hours and on weekends. Learn more about our air conditioning service and heating services.


  • Heater and air conditioner motors, parts and supplies
  • Relays
  • Contactors
  • Duct material
  • Circuit boards
  • Capacitors
  • Filters

Note that we can special order most parts if they’re not available. You can rely on us for whatever you need. A-Best Air & Heat serves all of South Brevard County with the best AC and Heating services, from AC parts to air conditioner installation and much more. Additionally, our team services all makes and models of AC units.


Choosing a Unit for Your Home or Business

Are you not sure what type of air conditioning system you will need for your air conditioning installation? If you need some help choosing what is best for you, let our expert staff assist you. In order to allow you to choose which product and service suit your needs best, we offer a variety of different air conditioning units that you can choose from.


A central air conditioning system is required for most commercial and residential buildings. Despite the fact that a central air conditioning system is a split system, the reason for that is that the heat exchanger and the air handler can be located at different locations. Throughout the home, heated or chilled air is distributed with the help of a duct system. We at A-Best Air & Heat have years of experience installing new central air conditioning units for an affordable coast.

 Central air conditioning system parts include an air handler, furnace, and heat exchanger. The air handler is typically located in a closet, attic, or basement; it draws in air through a return air duct. After that, air passes through a filter and back across the chilled coils or heat exchanger.

This heated or chilled air is distributed back through the house through a system of ducts. We sell various brands of central air conditioners and can be there whenever you need central air conditioner installation.


There can also be referred to as ductless a/c units, mini-split air conditioners can also be called ductless AC units. There are a number of advantages that they offer, including high energy efficiency. It is possible to use these systems as a means of cooling a single room or a few smaller rooms.

Mini-split systems are characterized by their small size, which is why they are similar to PTAC units in terms of their performance. The only difference between a mini-split system and PTAC units is that a mini-split can be equipped with a heat exchanger in a separate location from the air handler.


Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners fall into a category of air conditioners called PTAC units. PTAC stands for “packaged terminal air conditioner.” However, they are also sometimes called ductless air conditioners. While these A/C units are most commonly found in hotels, they are sometimes used in homes and residential applications as well.

They get the name “packaged terminal air conditioner” because they are self-contained air conditioning and heating systems able to cool a room and disperse heat all from one box. We can be there for you if you are seeking PTAC air conditioner installation.


It is essential to determine what your needs are before you can make an efficient assessment of the best air conditioning system to meet those needs. In order to select the best air conditioner for your air conditioner installation, you must familiarize yourself with the area you will be conditioning. Getting an in-depth understanding of these factors will enable you to achieve the desired level of understanding about this purchase:


  • How much space needs to be air-conditioned
  • Types of walls, whether external or internal
  • Total heat generated by the system
  • The system’s energy efficiency
  • installation costs
  • Your total budget
  • if you want a system for both heating and cooling
  • The size of your home
  • Is there an existing duct that needs removal

With the help of our team, you will be able to assess the type of system you will require, and we can help you fit it into your budget. Moreover, to help you finance this major purchase, the A-Best team offers a variety of options that will be able to suit your needs as an individual.


Our company provides air conditioning installation in Brevard County, FL and the surrounding area, which includes Suntree, Viera, Satellite Beach, West Melbourne, Indian Harbor Beach, Rockledge, Beachside, Grant, Malabar and the other cities in Brevard County. For more information on how we can help you, give A-Best Air & Heat, Inc. a call at 321-725-8758.