Dryer Vent Cleaning


in Brevard Country, Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida

Not only is dryer vent cleaning a process that is extremely essential for the overall safety of your dryer, but it’s also equally as essential for the safety of your home as well. The moisture from your clothes creates humidity when the warm air is circulated around them.


That warm then passes out of the dryer vent. If this humidity fails to leave the vent, the dryer itself will stop working properly due to the air facing resistance thanks to a large buildup of lint in the dryer vent. In the event that this occurs, then you should consider contacting A-Best Air and Heat for experienced, professional air duct cleaning Melbourne FL homeowners rely on.


A dryer vent that isn’t maintained very well can also result in the creation of a fire. This starts with a simple burning smell, and if not taken care of as soon as possible, your entire home could go up in flames. Additionally, your energy bills could increase by approximately $18 to $24 per month, and you may also have to pay even more money in order to deal with any potential wear and tear to the vent as well as dryer.




The overall buildup of lint will depend on exactly how big your dryer vent is, as well as how it’s been designed. For instance, the longer a vent is the more lint that will build up. As time goes on, however, lint will gradually begin to build up more and more inside your dryer, meaning that it’s important for you to take the time to clean out the lint filter every time you finish drying a load of laundry.


It’s also important to note that simply cleaning the lint filter does not guarantee that your dryer vent will remain clean. Here are some tips to make note of that will help you to determine if a dryer vent cleaning is needed:

  • Clothes taking longer to dry or not drying completely after one cycle.
  • Clothes get hotter than usual following a drying cycle.
  • Your dryer’s outer surface starts getting hot.
  • You notice a slight burning smell or your laundry room becoming more humid.
  • The outside exhaust flapper doesn’t open as frequently.


A-Best Air and Heat can handle your dryer vent cleaning for you! Call today for a quote on dryer vent cleaning.