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If you find that your heat pump is releasing noises that sound like clicks, this is a sign that a capacitor on the pump is close to failing. It also means that the motors may not be properly lubricated, or that they’ve become dirty. Both of these scenarios could cause the motor to completely burn out. This is a situation that will require a skilled technician to correct it.



If your heat pump is failing to either heat or cool an area, it could be because of an issue with the reversing valve. This particular valve is designed to change the overall flow of the refrigerant inside the heat pump unit itself. A malfunction with this valve could result in the pump remaining in a single mode, which would be either heating or cooling.




A-Best Air and Heat has a highly experienced team of professionals who can assist you with installing a heat pump in your home. We will guide you in selecting the best brand of pump depending on your specific needs and wants in order for you to receive the maximum amount of comfort. A heat load calculation will be used by our technicians in terms of either a unit installation or upgrade. We are experienced with installing all types of heat pumps. These include a water cool heat pump system, which not only uses a water source to power it but also provides a great heat transfer rate as well. Additionally, they also contain a higher COP, or coefficient of performance, as opposed to other heat pumps.



Our team of professionals utilize the latest tools to both diagnose and repair all types of heat pumps. Furthermore, they are also extremely knowledgeable in terms of all of the various components of the pump itself. Regardless of what time it may be during the day or night, our experts can assist you with your heat pump issues in virtually no time!




Maintaining your heat pump on a regular basis will help to prevent them from quickly wearing down, especially in an emergency situation. Our company utilizes maintenance service plans that are designed for each and every client. Furthermore, we always invite our customers to take advantage of these plans so that they can avoid all sorts of inconvenient issues, ranging from their pump breaking down to their energy bills going up.