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Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system contains some of the most important devices in your house. Your HVAC system keeps you warm during the chilly winter months. In the midst of the scorching summer heat, it serves as a safe haven.


The truth is that when your HVAC system is working properly, you don’t even think about it. The moment it stops working and your faucets won’t run in the cold, however, you’ll know what’s wrong. You’ll wish you had scheduled the maintenance and HVAC service in the spring of last year.

Services on a Regular Basis

Whether you need warm air or air conditioning, a functional HVAC system is just half of the story. A properly maintained HVAC system is the other half. Due to clogged pipes and drains, the efficiency of your heating and cooling system will be decreased.

At some point in the future, your HVAC equipment will need servicing and HVAC repair. You can prevent this from happening with frequent and careful expert inspections, though.

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The Heating System

The first thing a professional will do when they come to repair your heating system is to change the furnace filters. This is a fairly straightforward task that you can do on your own. You should update it every two years or so. Your filter may need to be changed more frequently if you have pets. It is best to ask the technician to demonstrate how they did it if you want to replace the filter yourself. 

In addition, they will examine the exterior of the unit as well as the vents to determine if anything is malfunctioning. You may need additional services or replacement if there is a significant amount of deterioration. Your technician will also check the inside for damage. We will inspect the ignition, as well as the assembly, the blower, the motors, and the pressure switches.

In addition to looking at how much energy is being used, they will also measure the temperature in your house. Your system will not waste much energy if the gauges are calibrated correctly and are reading correctly.

During HVAC company servicing, your system will also be checked for carbon monoxide leaks and to ensure that your pipes and vents are not blocked or clogged. If you have a boiler in your house, they will inspect the controls, safeties, pump, low water cutoff, and sight glass.

The Cooling System

Air quality inside your house can be greatly affected by the condition of your air conditioner. The system may also be affected by it in terms of keeping your house cool. During an air conditioning system inspection, a professional will inspect the interior evaporator coil and the outdoor condenser.

This examination includes indicators of corrosion or degradation of your outside system. We will also determine how much coolant is in the system. We will also check for signs of water damage to the electrical components.

A technician may recommend that you change your filter, which you can do yourself. Filters that become clogged can stop your air conditioner from performing at its best, and if left uncleaned, they can result in expensive repairs.

You will need to inspect the thermostats in your house, as well as your heating system. If the air conditioner is not working properly, your technician will check it.


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A Simple HVAC Service May Save Your Life

Already half of the winter season has passed. If you have not had your heating system checked this year, you may think, “I’ll wait until next year.”. Although you may think you are saving money by waiting, it will be more expensive to replace your whole heating system.

To ensure a long and healthy life for your HVAC system, regular maintenance is necessary, just as it is for your teeth and your automobile. Your HVAC system should last between ten and fifteen years on average.