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Most homes and commercial buildings require a central air conditioning system. A Central A/C system is a split system because the heat exchanger and the air handler can be placed in separate locations. They use a system of ducts to distribute the heated or chilled air to rooms throughout the home. A central air conditioning system consists of an air handler, furnace and heat exchanger. The air handler is typically located in a closet, attic, or basement. It draws air in through a return air duct, where the air then passes through a filter, and back across the chilled coils or heat exchanger. The heated or chilled air is then distributed back to the rooms of the house through a system of ducts. We sell a variety of brands of central air conditioners.


Mini-Split Air Conditioners can also sometimes be referred to as ductless A/C units. Mini-Split air conditioners are typically high efficiency. Mini-Split air conditioners are typically used to cool a single room or a few smaller rooms. The main advantage of a mini-split system is that they are small like PTAC units, but unlike PTAC units, the mini spit can have a heat exchanger in a separate location form the air handler.


Sometimes referred to as ductless air conditioners, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners fall into a category of air conditioners called PTAC units. PTAC stands for “packaged terminal air conditioner.” These types of A/C units are most commonly found in hotels, but can sometimes be used in homes and residential applications. They get their name, packaged terminal air conditioner because they are self-contained air conditioning and heating systems that cool the room, and disperse the heat all in one box.


Before you can accurately assess which air conditioning system will most effectively satisfy your needs, you must first know what your needs are. Being familiar with your home or the area you will be conditioning is essential to selecting the best AC. To reach that level of familiarity, you should confirm the information on the following factors:

-The amount of space that needs to be air-conditioned
-The nature of the walls, whether external or internal
-The total heat generated by the system
-The energy efficiency of the system
-The price of the system
-Your total budget

That is part of our services we assist in accessing exactly what system you will need and fitting this into your budget, for this big purchase we also offer a variety of financing options that are tailored to you.

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