About Pre-Season AC Checkup

A Pre-season AC check is a preventive measure taken to ensure the health of your air conditioner unit and to help find underlying issues that could be addressed before a more serious problem occurs. Not only will this maintenance check prevent future problems it may extend the lifetime of your ac unit. Regular maintenance can keep your unit operational for much longer than you would expect. An AC tune-up pre-season is an opportunity for a trained HVAC technician to evaluate your air conditioner to ensure that any problems are correctly addressed before the air conditioning season begins. It is essential that we get your ac tuned up for the summer months. You should consider scheduling your Preseason AC checkup right as the temperature hits anywhere from 60 to 70 degrees.

  • Total Service Time 30 minute
  • Service Limit Unlimited Unlimited
  • Price per service USD50.00
  • Online booking available Book Now

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